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We care about what our workspace looks like - a lot. We wanted something that compliments our style and is made from quality materials. Nack's Base for iMac raises the height of your iMac for a more ergonomic setup. Our Bases use only solid domestic hardwoods and perfectly fit your iMac.

Nack's Base raises the height of your iMac for a more ergonomic setup.

Don't Hunch Over

Most people use their iMac in a position that makes them look down. That’s where our Base comes in. (Got a laptop? Our Prop helps with this same thing.)

Your level eye-line should be at the top 1/2 to the top 2/3rd of your screen. If it is below there, you need

Solution: Raise it up. We make two heights:  2-inch and 4-inch.


How do I pick?

  1. Align yourself to your iMac as you would use it.
  2. Look level to a point on the screen where you don't have to tilt your head or look up or down - this is your "centerline."
  3. Using a tape measure or ruler measure from the centerline of the monitor to your spot.
  4. Alternatively, stack up books under your iMac to 2-inches or 4-inches and see which fits you best.

It doesn't need to be exact. You'll find that you most likely are closer to 2-inches or 4-inches. Ergonomically speaking, it's better to round-up in height than down, but any improvement should help.

High-Quality, Sustainable Materials

We offer three materials: Maple, Black Ash, and Walnut. Each is a sustainably sourced U.S. domestic hardwood.


Our Bases fit best with:

  • 27" iMac and iMac Pros from 2015-present.
  • 21" iMac's fit, however, our Base is slightly larger than the 21" stand.

Made in America by our fabrication company, Portland CNC

Time to Ship

✅ 2-inch Maple
✅ 4-inch Maple
✅ 2-inch Black Ash
4-inch Black Ash
✅ 2-inch Walnut
✅ 4-inch Walnut


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