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The Prop is a minimally designed portable laptop stand designed to elevate your laptop experience. It is designed to work with most 13-17 inch laptops. The Prop was funded on Kickstarter and has had many thousands of happy customers since!

Designed to allow for passive airflow, the Prop will become an essential piece to your mobile workspace without jeopardizing comfort or appearance.

• Elevates to allow passive airflow to cool laptop
• Goes anywhere you want at only 2 ounces
• Creates a subtle, comfortable viewing and typing angle
• Quick and simple two-piece, one snap assembly
• Works with most 13-17" laptops

While in architecture school, we discovered a need for a laptop stand that actually worked. We wanted something affordable and void of any fans or attachments. It needed to look nice while in use, and most importantly it had to travel well.

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