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90 Sheet v1.2

The latest addition to the Vertical Family, the Day Plan is a planner made for single-day use. Dump your thoughts, prioritize your most important tasks, and better achieve your goals. 

  • Dimensions:  3.6" x 6"
  • 90 bound pages
  • Glue padded across top
  • Thick Black Backer
  • Bright white, uncoated - no-smear paper
  • Sheets are non-sticky


1. MIND DUMP - Each day, dump your thoughts into the "Mind Dump" - this can be a totally unordered list of tasks or reminders.

2. PRIORITIZE - Select from your Mind Dump the top 1-4 tasks and write them in the TASKS section. There are three bonus lines if you're feeling really productive. The idea is you can only get so much done each day, focus on what is important!

3. SKETCH - A big 0.25" dot grid area to doodle on a phone call, take notes, or use as you please.

QUICK MEASURE - Sometimes you need to make a quick measurement - the bottom left has an imperial scale in 1/16ths and a metric one in MM.

How much to Order

90 pgs = 18 work weeks
90 pg x 3 pk = 54 work weeks == 1 year


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